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Irritable Bowel Syndrome


IBS is known to affect many thousands of people through out the UK. It can have symptoms such as diahorea, constipation, flatulence, bloating, pain and more. These can leave suffers afraid to go out unless they have planned the journey around rest stops, as hey fear of what may happen eats into their life. Often, though you have been to the doctors, they cannot find any physical reason for the symptoms and normal pharmaceutical interventions have little or no effect.

For many years it has been known that psychological issues can manifest themselves in physical symptoms and in more recent years it has now been proven that Hypnotherapy can be a very effective method of reducing the symptoms of IBS. Often dealing not only with the symptoms but the underlying issues, such as stress and anxieties, as well. To the extent that it is now a suggested intervention on the NHS’s NICE guidelines for IBS.

David runs a proven 5 session course of Hypnotherapy designed specifically for reducing the symptoms of IBS and at the same time allow you to relax and reduce stress. After each session you receive a CD to listen to in between sessions.

Relieve your suffering now, ring David on 07920 426040 or email david@lifedevelopments.co.uk





















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