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Tried the NHS, patches, will power? Hypnotherapy is proven to be up to 7 times more effective at helping you to stop smoking.

Using one 2 hour session of Hypnotherapy, David can help you to understand the thought control behind the monster that is Nicotine, help you to crush that monster and leave as a non-smoker forever.

The language you use with yourself and others is a controlling factor in helping you not only stop smoking but to remain a non-smoker for life. Come and here how you can celebrate life as a non-smoker.

In the session we will look at why you started smoking, why you have continued to smoke and importantly why you want to stop now. We then use these answers to help and a discusion about the thinking behind smoking and why it is not as most smokers believe it is to help you achieve your goal.

To become a non-smoker now Call David on 07920 426040 or email david@lifedevelopments.co.uk

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