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Hypnosis-what is it?

What’s Involved? 

Firstly, you should be aware of what Hypnotherapy is not.

It is not   

  • Mind control – you are always aware and able to make decisions for yourself. In fact it is your own mind that makes the decisions as to when and how you will make the gains you need to make.   
  • It is not sleep – if you fall asleep (and it can be that relaxing) I will waken you and continue the session. You will be aware of what is happening.  

What it is 


  • is a focused relaxation. You will be taken through a number of steps that allow you to relax and follow the suggestions that are put forward for your sub conscious mind to work with.   
  • You will relax to a level that is suitable for the work we are doing and where your subconscious is happy to take you. We then use a variety of ‘tools’ to help you achieve your desired goal including
    • Regression – finding the time where issues started, often as early as childhood and allowing you to release the original issue and therefore all the future issues. 
    • NLP – a method of allowing the mind to reprogram events and emotions, giving you much more control over what you think and feel. 
    • CBT – a process that can help you to understand how thoughts affect your behaviour and emotions and techniques to help you change your thought patterns and therefore the emotions that go along with them.
    • Positive thinking – affirmations and focus on the now. 
    • Relaxation and focus exercises – self hypnosis.

The first session starts with an explanation of Hypnotherapy and a discussion as to why you have come to see me. If at any time in this first 20 minutes or so you decide that this is not for you then you can leave with no charge. 


If you decide to continue then we continue with the session. At each session we explore your issues and where you have reached and use the answers to build a specific program of therapy for you. 


Each session last 1 hour (apart from stop smoking which is a one off 2 hr session) 


There are no set numbers of sessions as each persons issues are different and at times one session can find the answer, where at other times it can be 6 or more sessions, though hypnotherapy is known to be a fast and effective therapy. 


  • Hypnotherapy has no know side effects.
  • You cannot be left in a trance state forever, even if not counted out you would naturally ‘awaken’ just as from sleep.
  • Once counted out you can drive, work, play, etc.
  • Everyone can be hypnotised (though it is not recommended for people with Psychosis or Epilepsy). Some people just find it easier than others. 
  • Cannot and would not try to make you do anything you would not want to do.
  • It is a very relaxing and enjoyable process that can help you, Today.  


If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact David on 07920 426 040 or email david@lifedevelopments.co.uk

























Hypnosis-what is it?
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