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Enjoying Life

Hints and Tips  

On this page I will occasionally leave little hints and tips on how you can start to develop your life in a way that will surprise and excite you.

  • Positive thought is one of the most important aspects of any mind set. If you can speak to yourself always in a way that looks for what you want (rather than what you don’t want) then you have no space left for the negatives.
    • Make some positive affirmations and focus words today
    • If you find yourself thinking negatively make it a challenge to find something positive to counter it.  
  • Relaxation is the building block for so many aspects of life. If you are relaxed you can Think clearly and positively
    • act with precision and control
    • make decisions based on choice rather than necessity
    • Focus on what is important NOW – be in the moment.
    • Learn to relax, the more you practice the easier it becomes. 
  • Be in the Now!

The past is for learning from the future is for what you want to achieve, but the present is what you have to do to get where you want to be. Learn to be fully focused on your present situation and you will have much more control and pleasure out of life