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The aim for this page is to let you know what is happening with David and Angus's (David's son) racing seasons and training.

11/11/09         Sorry not very god at this updating lark. My rib and hand did heal well, training went well and myself and Angus were ack up and running again.

My targets were met as set out below, and the first couple of races were moving in the right direction. Then I looked at 4X. A combination of the mountain biking and BMX.

The family went to the NPS round 2 and 3 at Bridnorth. I raced the first round on the Saturday. There was only 2 'oldies' so we raced the nearly oldies (Masters) and I had 2 first and 2 thirds in the motos, followed by a 2nd in the  final (1st Veteran) - happy with the wee plaque they gave me.

For round 3 they let Angus race despite being a it young (10). He was jumping all the jumps down the second and third straights, but unfortunately, he was lacking in power against the older boys. In the Vets there were now 3 of us and we had our own races. However, a misunderstanding of the rules saw me relugated from a deserved first to second. Great fun though and I was hooked.

The racing so far had shown hat he power was coming back, technique was coming on, but my gates are still just a fraction slow. It also showed I loved 4X and the next round we could get to was Redhill round 5 and the National Champs.

The weekend arrived bright and sunny, great as we were camping, and Tess my daughter had decided to race as well. A wonderful track with numerous lines and possibilities for over taking. Practice was going well for all three of us, Tess was getting down the hill fine, Angus was fling of anything with a lip and I was enjoying it all, especially the flat corner at the end.

Race 1 out of the gate slow, but into the first turn I slipped into second, close on the tale of first, which was fine til he fell off on the down slope of a jump and I went straight into him and straight over the bars - pulled shoulder, but still got third. Angus got third and tess fourth.

Race 2 again slow out of gate but into second on first corner, but chose the middle line of 3 in the second straight, which is a touch slower, third went past me so I thought I'd go for the big step down to carry speed (never having done it before, then a series of issues happened 1/ I changed gear he wrong way (twistgrip) no extra speed, I went to pull up and my shoulder said no (ouch) and with no pop, big bang straight into the face of the second up lsope and over the bars again. Result a very nasty break of my arm/shoulder plus all ligaments pulled off, and the end of the season, bummer.

Angus also over jumped on the third staight and hurt his coxes and was out for the rest of the weekend, leaving Tess to race as team Doig. She did us proud racing both days and therefore getting sixth in Juveniles, weel done Tess.

The rest of the season has been wiped out really, and 4.5 months later I'm just starting to feel fit again but no big weights for a while. Next season should be mega though.

12/04/09         Just as the pre race program was getting started disaster struck. On a trip to Derby for some gate Practice we started to session to last corner and straight. Unfortunately the wee table top after the berm cught my front wheel as I dropped the front from a fast manual. Straight over, right hand slammed into the ground, handlebar in the chest.

3 broken bones on right hand, broken rib on left side - max pain on drive home. It also ment that serious training was out the window for 6 weeks, even painful doing sit ups.

Still managed a superb sking holiday in Morzine at 5 weeks. 2.5 feet of snow in one day, power madness, superb.

Now starting from the beginning again. Points to notice

  • Mind - recover from the crash - why do I race, for fun. Visualise clearing he jump perfectly and fast.
  • Body - dropped back my weights, but hoping to build up quickly again - eg Squats 100kg 3x8 back to 140kg 4x6, Bench Press 75kg 3x8 to 95kg 4x6.
  • Gates - reaction time - not sure at the moment how this will go - reaction time training.

Unfortunately we will miss the season opener at Harworth (Rugby commitments) so the first race should be Derby in a firtnight. Really looking forward to it.

22/11/08           The off-Season is a time to firstly time to reflect on the season gone by, learn the required lessons from it and then put in place a plan to address any weaknesses and improve what is already good.

Last season was ine and Angus’s first in BMX racing, so we were both chuffed to get 3rd over all in the Midlands (9yrs and 40+ I’ll let you guess which was which). Angus got 4th at the Midlands Champs and I got 5th after a biggish crash due to a puncture.

Lessons – Angus was getting stronger through the season, but still needs to improve his gates, both in technique and confidence. We will also work on his ever improving manuals and pumping.

Me, I need to also improve my gates technique and timing, plus become smoother around the track. I was clipping too many up slopes and slowing down. Pumping, manualling and jumping ….not much then !o)

For 6 weeks we are looking at a period of R&R. Angus is playing Rugby, Swimming and Ju Jitsu. I’m recovering from tennis elbow, but still managing a bit of mountain biking and body weight circuits at the Gym (New Bodies in Buxton, excellent gym for people who want to work out). This will finish mid December and we will move on to a 6 week period of perfecting technique both in the Gym with lighter weights and plyometrics, and weather permitting on the track (Chesterfield, Manchester, Bulwell, Derby). I will also be setting up a plan for our mental preparation, so that we will be on a winning belief system right from the beginning.

New equipment – a DMC Moto trainer (time sections to see what works), and looking at new team kit for us in 2009.

As we go on I will keep this up dated with training and competition as it happens.

Ps        If there is anyone out there who can coach us in track skills, I can return the favour with sporting-mind coaching.

Race/Training Diary