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What is it you want out of your sport?

To be number 1? To achieve results consistently? To compete without the nerves / stress getting the better of you? Or simply, to enjoy yourself to the fullest.

To achieve this and more it helps to be in shape, have all the skills necessary but more importantly than any of the rest of that you need to have your mind on your side.  Your mind controls all that you do, but at times it has been known to sabotage your best efforts.

Working with David you can look to either produce a full pre season mind-coaching package or deal with specific issues s you perceive them now. Areas that can be improved are

  • Confidence – self confidence is the building block for performance gains

  • Reducing and using nerves / stress for positive benefits

  • Planning and preparation  - If your ready your already ahead of the game

  • Review and improvement – Know what will give you he quickest, biggest gains

  • Concentration – be in the now, be in the ‘Zone’

  • Recovery strategies – both from injury but just as importantly from in competition set backs.

Training the mind is like training the body, it takes effort and a consistent approach, but you will be surprised at the gains, if you put the effort in.

Contact David on 07920 426040 or email david@lifedevelopments.co.uk

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