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David has combined his own sporting experience (including rugby, racing downhill mountain bikes and BMX racing, skiing, karate, golf and more) with a study of the human mind and physiology. He has a diploma in sports psychology along with his clinical hypnotherapy diploma and a number of years experience in all these areas.


David uses proven sports psychology techniques, along with hypnotherapy to provide Sporting-Mind Coaching to help individual athlete and teams to achieve their full potential in their chosen sport (all sports can be helped by working with the Sporting-Mind techniques). He has written the ebook, Mind for Sport - The tool box (available on kindle and other formats through most ebook retailers)


The mind is an often neglected area in sports development. How often do athletes train their bodies, perfect their techniques, spend thousands on their equipment  still always seem to lose out to competitors who they should be beating week in and week out, yet never realise that it is their thought patterns that take away that edge that could see them be their best. 

David sees it as his job to help his athletes understand their thoughts and emotions and how they affect their performance and through this understanding provide techniques to help them improve. Areas that can be improved include

Concentration and Focus – the famous ‘Zone’

Emotional control – Psyching up or down

Planning and preparation – Proper planning prevents piss poor performance

Review of performance and how it can be used to most effectively improve performance.

Thought control – banishing the negative where it affects performance

Confidence – the suit of armour that gives you control even when things aren’t quite right. 

And much more


Sports: Cycling (Mountain bike, Road, Track, BMX), Motor sports, Team sports (football, rugby, hockey, etc.), Horse riding, Golf, Snooker, Athletics (track and field), Swimming, Gymnastics, Kayaking, etc. you name it we can help).

David can look at complete off season and in season programs or deal with issues specific to yourself. Please call 07920 426040 or email david@lifedevelopments.co.uk to discuss your requirements.  

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